Our Coaches

The KMC Boys Team is lead by Head Coach Victor.  The Boys team has a wealth of experience and talent in the supporting team coaches:  Dave Hirst, Brian Navarez and Jerry Fix.

Dave Hirst:   Dave started his gymnastics career at Lincoln High where he led the team to 3 Championships.  Individually he was the 2nd all around winner, and a 3 time champion on Rings.  Dave went on to attend the University of Pittsburgh where he was the Team Captain, and a 2 time All American.

Save joined the  KMC Boys Team in 2000. Dave has been instrumental in developing and leading the KMC Boys Team.  With his vast experience at KMC, he has developed many State, Regional and National Champions.

Dave has been a sought after judge for more than 50 years.  He has judged at all skill levels, from Developmental to Elite.  He is well known in the Men’s Gymnastics world for his presence and wisdom at NCAA meets, USAG Championships, and on the International circuit. Dave Hirst is a member of “Eastern Judges Hall of Fame.”

Brian Narvaez:   Brian Navarez has been coaching with the KMC Boy’s Team for over 10 years.  He began his gymnastics career in high school.  He continued his competing career with a full scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh.  At Pitt, Brian was the number 1 All Around gymnast.

While coaching with KMC Boy’s Team, Brain has shared is love and knowledge of the sport with many athletes.  He actively coaches all levels of athletes, from those beginning at Level 4 to the athletes getting ready for college at Level 10.   He has coached many State and Regional Champions, and help lead gymnasts to National.

Brian is the lead coach for the KMC Future Stars program.  He initiated the development of the Future Stars program at KMC, and has taken National Qualifiers to Colorado to compete in the FS National Competition.  He brings is love of the sport, and his enthusiasm to constantly learn to all the boys on the team.